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Brandi Horne

Paws 4 Purpose welcomes Brandi as one of its newest trainers.  She was a member of the Civil Air Patrol as a Search and Rescue Ground Team Leader which sparked her interest in the canine side of things. She has handled dogs ranging from Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs to Pitt Bulls and Cane Corsos. She has owned dogs since she can remember and currently is the proud owner of three awesome rescues: Colton, a Pitt mix who is skilled at basic tracking; Rebel, a husky/GSD who is a cuddle bug that loves to talk; and Poppy, a Blue Heeler/Cocker Spaniel mix who loves doggie parkour and learning new things. Brandi has experience with basic obedience, beginning nose work and tracking, and tricks. As a former nurse, Brandi also has an interest in service and therapy dog training.

“I believe that every dog should have the chance to a happy and healthy life and it’s my honor to provide the education, training and tools to make that happen”

​”Dwell not on those you could not save. Instead, Rejoice in those you did.”