Single Command Class (5:30 PM) May 7 Place Command The place command is a simple, yet useful behavior

Single Command Class Place

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5:30 PM May 7, 2021

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The place command requires your dog to take himself to a designated area when asked to and to remain there until released. This cue is incredibly useful in a variety of situations—particularly those involving guests in your home. This class teaches your dog a boundary to stay on an elevated dog bed. An elevated dog bed may be purchased from us at an additional cost.

  • This is a single session class
  • Must be up to date on current vaccinations
  • $25 dollar deposit will be required to secure a spot in class remainder will be due prior to or day of class


Upcoming Sessions

Dates: May  7, 2021
Total of 1 session

Friday, May 7 5:30 PM
Natalie Holland



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